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12 Reasons Your Online Traffic Isn’t Converting

May 31, 2013

So, you’ve hired your cousin to build you a website for $100 and you’re all set to go with flashy calls to action (such as ‘but wait, there’s more!) plus times new roman font and zero white-space (insert sarcasm here). In the online world, it’s not ‘build it and they will come.’ Even if visitors come to your website in droves like Beiber Fans, they’ll need to take some sort of action or your efforts will be for naught. Below are a few common reasons why your website traffic might not be converting:

1. Poor website design and layout – If I can’t find what I need right away, I’m gone!
2. Poorly written content – Please, oh please, show me that you’re literate and can string a sentence together (or hire a professional copywriter who can).
3. Your traffic isn’t targeted enough – i.e. you’re attracting people who won’t buy.
4. You’re hard selling – Popups galore and your visitors will be gone faster than a thief in the night.
5. No strong call to actions – I mean, give me a reason to DO something.
6. Lack of connection with your readers – Show me that you understand me and what I need.
7. No email opt-in forms – You could be missing out on marketing gold (i.e. a huge window of opportunity to engage potential customers).
8. Limited social presence or ‘social proof’ – I want to know that people like me also care about what you’re saying.
9. Slow website loading time – More than a few seconds and I’m heading back to Facebook for more fluffy kitten videos.
10. Information overload – Don’t overwhelm me with blocks and blocks of text.
11. You don’t offer anything of value – Give me a reason to want to do business with you.
12. You lack a captivating ‘about’ page – I want to know who you are.

There you have it, folks. Do you have anything else to add to this list?

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