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Stop Checking Email on Evenings & Weekends!

May 5, 2013

Checking email on evenings and weekends: Can I ever relate to this one! This is a sure-fire way to put a damper on the little downtime that we allow ourselves. We, as business owners, seem to get pulled in a multitude of directions and every distraction seems to immediately require our attention. I say, enough is enough; let’s take our evenings and weekends back! I found a great article to help put an end to our pathological obsession with the inboxing. I hope you find this as useful as I did:

How to Stop Checking Email on the Evenings and Weekends

Best-selling author Tim Ferriss offers digital minimalism tips to reduce the amount of time you spend in your email inbox.

Investment bankers aren’t known for their impulse control. Several global firms in Zurich don’t allow their bankers to check email more than twice per day. The reason is simple: the more they check email, the more compelled they feel to send email. Technologist Robert Scoble has said that for each email he sends, he gets 1.75 to 2 messages in return. This phenomenon highlights the unscalable nature of most time-management approaches: striving to do more just produces increasingly more to do.

Fifty email messages beget 100, which beget 200 and so on. It’s impossible to manage this with a results-by-volume (or frequency) approach. There are two cornerstone behavioral changes for reversing this trend: check email less frequently (so we send fewer messages) and send fewer messages when we do check (so we trigger fewer exchanges).

Here are eight concrete tips and services for digital minimalism that can help eliminate—as a start—compulsive inboxing during the evenings and weekends.

Treat all of them as short experiments and customize. Read the full article on Lifehacker

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