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Is it Time to Hire a Marketing Writer, Vancouver?

June 21, 2013

Copywriting, web writing, marketing writing, wordsmithing, grammar Kung Fu – whatever you lovingly refer to it as – getting your point across powerfully via the written word is of vital importance. But if you don’t add a shred of personality to your marketing content, your readers’ eyes will glaze over faster than a Christmas ham.

Write Marketing Content That Doesn’t Suck
Content marketing is taking heat these days as loads of marketers jump on the content-generation bandwagon. Chris Penn wrote a post that speaks to the current state of content marketing affairs: “If 2012 was about the power of content marketing, then 2013 has to be about making content that doesn’t suck.” Well said, Sir.

Generate Original, Helpful Content
The problem itself isn’t a lack of content. Rather, there’s a lack of good content. Overly SEO-friendly, keyword-stuffed, bland, unhelpful content is becoming a white noise of sorts that drowns out the good stuff. Good content makes the reader’s life better in some way. Good content inspires, it tells a story. Uninspiring drivel is circling the drain of your audience’s recycling bins, but have they shut their eyes and ears to quality content in the process? Well, there are only so many hours in a day. People need to filter out the information that won’t help them (for their own sanity). Can you really blame them? You must inspire action. You must compel your readers to do something.

Know (and Don’t Bore) Thy Audience
Would you like your potential customers to tune you out? Or do you want your readers to stand at attention when you have something to say? To be a good content marketer, you need to have a winning personality, both on and off paper (and computer screen). Have you ever met that person who grabs your attention but writes content that elicits accounting-level excitement? You may have a winning personality in-person, but now you need to transfer that onto paper. Not so easy, is it?

Hire a Copywriter/Marketing Writer
Writing is hard for many people. The people who enjoy writing are making a living as professional copywriters. Some of us need a bit of help and there’s no shame in that. So, what’s any self-respecting business owner to do? Simple: Hire someone who’s skilled with words and your content will cease to reek like a forgotten apple core at the bottom of your garbage.

If You MUST Do It Yourself, Heed Thy Warning
If you insist on writing your own content, pass it around, have a few people review it. Why not read it again yourself for a second time? After you take a second look, ask yourself, “Was that helpful and engaging, or would I have much rather been eating a big bowl of brussel sprouts without the butter or salt?” If you can’t read your own content without falling asleep, then how can you expect your readers to? What are you good at? It may be something other than writing (and that’s OK). As content marketing continues to grow in importance, let’s promise to be good copywriters first (or hire one) and good content creators second. Promise?

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