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Is Your Business Sinking Because You Won’t Outsource Marketing?

June 4, 2013

Ready, Vancouver? Go! Coffee – drop your kids off at school – become an online marketing and social media strategist/ninja/guru – update your website – write a blog post – fulfill orders – attempt to conquer the online marketing world – pay employees – hire employees – figure out why Google hasn’t ranked you on the first page – answer emails – now collapse from exhaustion and frustration. Rinse and repeat.

Does this sound like a familiar scenario? As a small business owner, there’s a good chance you’re juggling a lot of different tasks and (erm… how do I break this to you gently?) chances are you’re not doing any of it entirely that well. There’s a reason that marketing and business consultants exist – so that you can build your business the right way (that means not wasting tons of time and money, and not having a nervous breakdown in the process).

Sink or swim? What will it be?
Shall I give you another example to let it sink in further? Say you’re running a company that offers kayak tours. You’re an expert at entertaining and providing a unique and engaging experience for your customers – that’s what you’re good at; that’s why people come to you. If you needed a new boat to take passengers out on the water, would you build it yourself? I hope you answered a resounding ‘heck no!’ to that question. Chances are the boat would sink into the murky depths and you would have a potential lawsuit (and prying media eyes) on your hands. So, why would you treat your marketing efforts any differently? Do you want your business to sail the high seas of success or plunge to rock bottom?

But I can’t let go!
I get it. You want to retain creative control. Your business is your ‘baby.’ But, at a certain point, a small business needs to be realistic about its unique strengths and outsource the rest to move to the next stage. Are you sure that you have the time to perform every aspect of your business, or would it be more efficient if you outsourced some of the work to other professionals? Even if you’re an excellent business strategist, you’re likely terribly busy with sales, purchasing, recruitment, customer service, and other business functions. As an entrepreneur, your starry-eyed demeanor will quickly be replaced with burnout if you wear too many hats. When you work within your areas of strength and outsource other functions, your business will have more room to grow and prosper.

But it’s too expensive!
You know what else is expensive? Wasting your time and seeing no tangible results! How much do you feel an hour of your time is worth? Effective marketing strategy is designed to drive business results and sales. Let’s not forget that. Good, effective marketing strategy that drives qualified leads will pay for itself over and over again (if implemented properly).

Still not convinced you should hire a marketing consultant?
If you must do it all yourself, I would suggest, at the very least, that you consider hiring a qualified marketing strategist to provide an occasional 1 – 2 hour marketing strategy session (to help you steer the ship in the right direction). It will pay dividends for the life of your business. Hire a good consultant and it will be money well spent.

In summary: you can’t afford not to hire a marketing consultant if you wish to grow your business. Thoughts? Comments?

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