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Turn Your Blog into a Marketing Machine (6 Tips)

March 25, 2014

Recently, I came across a great Copyblogger post on how to turn your blog into a well-oiled business engine. It’s no secret that clever and engaging content is a great method to build your business organically. I’ve paraphrased and summarized the blog post (below) for your reading pleasure.

Somewhere out there, a business owner is toiling away writing a blog post. Compelling headline, check. Expert word wrangling, check. Call to action, done like dinner! She hits “publish,” and patiently waits for the money to roll in. “It won’t be long now before I’m swimming in dollar bills,” she thinks. Tick, tock goes the clock.

We can all relate to this lone blogger’s plight. Compelling content is key, but a blog alone won’t bring in profits. If building a business is your prerogative, a carefully crafted content marketing campaign is key.

Here are a few tips to bolster your content marketing and blogging efforts:

Tip #1: Create “Content Outposts”

Your blog is ground-zero of your online presence, but the old adage “build it and they will come” does not apply. You’ll need to extend your reach to social platforms like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook if you want to draw readers in.

Tip #2: Use “Lead Magnets”

Lead magnets cleverly cajole readers into offering up their email address in exchange for something awesome. You could offer up an e-book, for example, in exchange for readers’ emails. Lead magnets allow you to suss out readers’ interest and gain targeted leads. Visitors will be primed for follow-up via clever email marketing.

Tip #3: Create Content Landing Pages

The more you post, the harder it is for readers to find the content they’re looking for. One way around this is to use content landing pages organized by category. Essentially, you’re organizing your best content for readers to skim through at their leisure. Check out how I organize my blog landing page by topic.

Tip #4: Use Confirmation Pages

Confirmation pages thank subscribers and suggest what to do next. Never underestimate the value of confirmation pages! If you’ve overlooked confirmation pages in the past, take another look. They offer a plethora of opportunities to entice readers to take action. For example:

– Ask readers to sign up for your lead magnet (an e-book, for example)
– Direct visitors to complementary product pages
– Offer readers a special promotion on products/services

These bonus offers can work really well. Remember, you’re dealing with visitors who’ve already shown interest. Always offer readers an opportunity to get more from you.

Tip #5: Email Auto-Responders

It should be your goal to stay top of mind with interested readers. Creating an email marketing campaign will help you to do just that. Email subscribers have already shown interest, now it’s your job to make sure that content (and sales) are only a click away.

Tip #6: Meet & Greets with Webinars

Personally, this isn’t part of my marketing strategy, but I may re-consider. To do business with you, most people require some sort of personal interaction with you (a phone call, a webinar, or a coffee meeting, for example). You might consider adding webinars to your content mix and using blog posts to promote them.

There you have it, folks: a few tips to add pizazz to your content marketing campaign. If you’d like to read the full article on Copyblogger, you can find it here.

Over to you: How do you use content to drive business? I’d love to hear your comments.

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