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9 Tips: Creating Engaging Blog Content in a Hurry

May 8, 2014

Recently, I came across an insightful blog post on ShoutMeLoud on the topic of, well, blogging. (It’s like Inception: A blog within a blog within a blog. Moving on.)

You know that blogging is a key ingredient within any successful content strategy, but you’re fresh out of time. (Deadlines are looming, and your boss is on your back).

Instead of whipping together a quick n’ crappy blog post, follow one of these tips for easy blog content that doesn’t suck:

Tip #1: Take a Snapshot

Draw people in with visuals, like a quick photo post, accompanied by a few paragraphs. Smart Phones and apps like Instagram make photo-taking a breeze. Here’s an idea: Round up your colleagues to take a “snapshot of the day” with an associated business tip.

Tip #2: Hold a Contest

Nothing spices up a dreary Monday like a good contest. People love to win stuff, and contests boost up online engagement. Here’s a few quick ideas: Ask visitors to answer company or product trivia, caption a photo, submit their favourite recipe, etc. Really, the sky’s the limit. (As long as it ties in to your brand, it’s fair game for a contest).

Tip #3: Ask a Question

Asking a pointed question is a great way to start a conversation and ratchet up engagement. Give visitors a short intro, then ask them to weigh in. Note: Controversial, thought-provoking topics tend to rally up more participants. (Be careful you don’t ruffle any feathers!)

Tip #4: Make a “Top 10” List

Top 10, 20, or 30 lists are pretty easy to slap together. The structure is already built in. Here’s a few examples:

7 Creative Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block
3 Reasons Why Content Marketing Works
12 Reasons Your Online Traffic Isn’t Converting

Tip #5: Embed a Video

If you find a thought-provoking video online, why not share it on your blog? Be sure to describe what the video is all about so visitors know what they’re getting into. YouTube and Vimeo are great resources for video content. If you feel inclined, check out one of my video blog posts “In Short: Louis C.K., Shameless Self-Promoter” for a hilarious video parody on oh-so-cliche HBO ads (compliments of comedian Louis C.K.)

Tip #6: Make an Announcement

Anything interesting happening at your company? Did your company win an award of distinction? Did you just open a new office? Give readers a heads-up on what’s happening at your company to create that warm-and-fuzzy human appeal.

Tip #7: Round-Ups

“Round-up” posts are one of my favourite. Collect the best insights from bloggers, industry experts, and customers and sum it all up in a blog post. Round-up posts are a great way to start a discussion around a topic when you’re short on time. In the process, you get to engage with other thought leaders and industry experts. The networking opportunities are endless. (Two birds, meet one stone.)

Tip #8: Employee Spotlight

An employee spotlight is a good way to engage your customers and employees, while adding a human element to your brand. Here’s an idea: You could include a short write-up on an employee, let’s call him John. Include details about who John is, how he contributes in his day-to-day role, and how he makes your company awesome.

Tip #9: Interview a Customer

You could conduct a written interview with a customer around a certain topic. Shoot some questions over via email, gather a response, and include that info within a blog post. Bonus: Both you and your customer benefit from the online exposure.

There you have it, folks: a few tips to help you create good blog content in a hurry. If you’d like to read the full article on ShoutMeLoud, you can find it here.

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