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soical mediaHow Connected Are You?

Social media has changed marketing forever. Anyone can create an audience or engage a community. All it takes is a little dedicated effort and “sweat equity.” You are your brand, and people connect with people, not logos. How do you fare online? Do you have time to post consistently, or has your social media feed gone dark?

By creating social media in-roads, you’ll connect with clients directly. You know what they say: Birds of a feather flock together. If you can tap into a sub-set of a community, you’ll strike online gold.

How I Can Help

You know that social media is important, but you don’t time to do it well. Or maybe you just need some help building a following. I’ll help you to win credibility and “social proof.”

Here’s how I can help:

  • Social Media Marketing Strategy: Let’s brainstorm together to crank the engagement up a notch and get real results, shall we?
  • Content Sourcing: I will source and post engaging content to your social media networks (on a weekly schedule). Don’t lose the momentum you’ve already achieved. Say no to a dark and lifeless Facebook and Twitter feed.
  • Community Engagement: I will work with you to engage your community and help you to gain more followers and fans.

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