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Will Your Tagline Turn Heads?

A good tagline must solidify your brand, mirror your core values and unique offering, and expand your influence. It should create an impact and clearly communicate what you offer. Now try boiling all that down to four words or less. Not so simple, is it?

Crafting a compelling tagline is no easy feat. To be successful, you need to put yourself in your customers’ shoes. You need to really get their experience. And burying yourself in features, benefits, and marketing jargon won’t help you get to the truth faster. When you’re too close to what you offer, your mindset gets myopic.

Results Talk

“We rely on Tanya to deliver content for one of our top accounts. Tanya’s writing is strong, focused, and creative, and our team greatly enjoys working with her. We especially appreciate Tanya’s professionalism, open communication, and reliability.” –Elyse Gagné. Content Manager, All Roads Inc.

You know that a compelling tagline is the foundation of your brand. Now what? Take my hand. Together we’ll nail that tagline and ramp up the engagement.

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