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Do You Suffer From “Inward-Focus” Syndrome?

A website can be stunning in design, but poorly written content won’t deliver the kind of results you can bank on. Features and technical specs are boring. (Yawn.) YOU think your products are interesting, and you love to talk about them. But your visitors are permanently stuck in “what’s in it for me?” mode. You’re shouting your finely tuned marketing message from the rooftop, but is it falling on deaf ears?

Are You Guilty Of “Burying The Lead?”

Subtlety is not your friend when it comes to web copywriting. Visitors will spend a nanosecond trying to find what they’re looking for. Then—poof!—they’re gone. Sayonara. Your content may sound pretty, but is it written with conversions in mind?

Is Your Meta Material Subpar?

In our search-heavy, Google-focused world, you’re really missing out if you don’t optimize your site for search engine optimization (SEO). Search-centric content builds brand awareness, improves how search results are displayed, and ramps up conversions. Raise your hand if you want more of that.

Results Talk

“Tanya never ceased to amaze me with her insight and thorough understanding of marketing, especially the online marketing world. Along with her enthusiasm, strong work ethic, and sharp wit, she brings fresh ideas and new ways of thinking about old problems. I have recommended Tanya on numerous occasions over the years and I will continue to do so.” —Leslie Mauro, The Kids Help Phone.

You understand that good website content is important. Now what? (Crickets.) Let’s up the ante and light up your content strategy like the Fourth of July.

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